inspired by the gritty rawness of array of urban sub-cultures

Harmony Skateboards
"Harmony Skateboards" is a dynamic project that revolves around the visual identification and branding of a unique skateboard brand.
Coffee Lab
Introducing "Coffee Lab," a bold and captivating project that pushes the boundaries of coffee culture.
Jasna Strona Mocy
Step into the vibrant world of "Jasna Strona Mocy," where I designed a captivating brand that promotes the benefits of a plant-based diet for active individuals.
Łapa Barber Shop
Introducing Łapa Barber Shop, where artistic design and skilled craftsmanship come together
Adidas: The Night Mile
This project was created for adidas Runners – an international community, on Warsaw running event. The Night Mile was a 1-mile run, which took place on Świętokrzyski Bridge in 2019.
Balwierz Barber Shop
EB Tymczasem
This work is a result of cooperation with LIVE Event Agency. The project was created for the EB campaign called „Tymczasem” which means „Meanwhile”.
Gorilla Boardzz
Embark on a thrilling journey with "Gorilla Boardzz," an innovative electric longboard company that brings style and performance to the streets.
BLACK Burgers'n'Bar
A BLACK restaurant has appeared on the Polish market, known throughout Israel for high quality burgers. Worked, and done set of illustrations with Warsaw based agency - Mamastudio for the visual adaptation of brands and co-creating the space of the first location in the Arkadia Shopping Center.
Sneaker Studio
Did this designs for - to use as stickers, bags, and merch.
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